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VSC Sprint Car title 2015-2016 nomination forms are now avaliable.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 26 November 2015 11:35


This weekend four Victorian Speedway Council titles will be decided, the Unlimited Sedans, Junior Standards, SDAV Hot Rods & last but not least, the Limited Sportsman title will have their state title decided at Horsham's 'Blue Ribbon Raceway' on Saturday night, with a number of drivers in position to add there name to a honour roll of title winners which includes Trevor Greenwood 3 x, Mark Laity 5 x & Joe Aston 4 times.

The Border region of Victoria & South Australia is very much the hot bed of Limited Sportsman racing with Horsham, Portland, Mount Gambier & Hamilton very strong in supporting the division, whilst at the other end of Victoria Bairnsdale & to a lesser extent Rosedale, also support the division with racing.

Weighing 620 without driver and a maximum of 850 with a driver, quick steer steering, radial tyres, modified cam shafts but no roller cams, methanol fuel with engines not exceeding 200ci for Holden’s whilst for Fords its 200ci plus .030 and running in the clockwise direction this paints you a picture of a Limited Sportsman.

Competitors likely to figure prominently in the results include South Australian Champion Mick Rizzoli from Ballarat, Craig Ansell, defending Victorian Champion Dillon Siely, the Aston’s, however most of the division is very close in driver ability and car performance so the battle for a top five place should be on like ‘Donkey Kong’!

Nineteen competitors have submitted a nomination to the title.

Nominations include:
1 Mick Rizzoli – Ballarat Speedway Club
7 Kevin Baker – Horsham S.C
10 Trent Wilson – Bairnsdale S.C
12 Daniel McLeod – Hamilton S.C
14 Jason Hurley – Bairnsdale S.C
25 Adam McKenzie – Horsham S.C
26 Craig Ansell – Hamilton S.C
34 Adrian Christian – Horsham S.C
42 Jamie McMeeken – Hamilton S.C
44 Mark McDonald – Horsham S.C
49 Joshua Aston – Mount Gambier
55 Stephen Purchase – Bordertown S.C
59 Jenny Godfrey – Hamilton S.C
81 Kahn Aston – Mount Gambier
83 Jevon Duff – Hamilton S.C
87 Dillon Siely – Bairnsdale S.C
91 Daryl Carpenter – Hamilton S.C
95 Michael Ross – Mount Gambier
99 Bowen Donkers – Portland S.C

The Victorian Speedway Council wish the competitors a great nights racing & lots of personal best results.

Written by
Dean Thompson
DMT Sports Media

For Victorian Speedway Council



This Saturday night the growing Unlimited Sedan division will line up with thirty competitors at Moama's 'Heartland Raceway' for the running of the 14/15 Victorian title defended by last seasons winner Damien Miller in a field with a number of potential winners lining up to take his # 1 plate.

Drivers such as Darren Nelson & Tim McPherson, winners previously at Heartland, are keen to put the torch to Miller whilst a long list that includes drivers from Alexandra, Heartland, Geelong, Redline, Drouin, Nyora, Rosedale & the GVAC Speedway clubs will make this a very entertaining night indeed.

There will be Commodores with LS1 engines, former AMCA chassis with various engine packages, a Cortina with a Holden engine, Modified Production spec cars & others in between as almost anything is fair in the Unlimited division.

As unfair as it might be to try and find a winner amongst the list, the likely winner is probably going to come from either of the Miller lads Damien or Brendan, Darren or Matt Nelson, Rahmon Rivero or Tim McPherson whilst it wouldn’t be a surprise if David Donegan, Jamie Paull, Phil Lepoideven, Jaedn Alberni, Tania Paull, Wayne Nelson, Sam Williams or Matt Chiminello figured in the top three.

The Victorian Speedway Council wish the best of nights to all competitors and ask that you have fun, finish the race & enjoy the stories after the races.

1 Damien Miller
2 Darren Nelson
4 Greg Parks
5 David Donegan
6 Brendan Miller
7 Steve Shephard
9 Shona Bent
11 Jamie Paull
12 Phil Lepoideven
15 Tania Paull
17 Frank Dickson
19 Mark Hanson
29 Sam Williams
31 Wayne Nelson
36 Craig Phillips
44 Jaedn Alberni
45 Natalie Thompson
47 Rahmon Rivero
53 Wayne Gilsenan
56 Tony Bellman
57 Nathan Lightburn
61 Matt Nelson
72 Josh Brown
75 Chevvy Cooper
76 Karl Mathie
78 Matt Callanan
94 Matt Chiminello
96 Sonia Nelson
98 Tim McPherson

Written by
Dean Thompson
DMT Sports Media
For Victorian Speedway Council



The Victorian Speedway Council aligned SDAV Hot Rod Club head to Drouin Speedway this Sunday for their Victorian title race with defending champion Dean West a Gippsland based racer, keen to double up last season’s win with a victory at his closest race venue however recent winners in the division Kali Hovey & Shannon Meakins along with Drouin winner from earlier this season Phil Jenkins are amongst those looking to paint a different picture at the finish line.

West is hoping to hit back after a gentle rollover at Rushworth in the last race meeting for the division where Kali Hovey won the Ray Welsh Memorial ahead of her husband Shannon Meakins. If West can start out front of the title race he is going to be super hard to beat in the feature event with Meakins & Jenkins keen to qualify better in the heats and remove that important advantage of a front row start at Drouin from West.

Meakins last season at Alexandra could have become the # 1 driver if it wasn’t for mechanical breakdown, so this title is all about redemption for him whilst his wife has a bag full of confidence to carry with her when she enters the pit enclosure at Drouin on Sunday as the latest class winner.

Allen Luckett is another driver who has been in very consistent form this season who is hoping to figure prominently in the title race & if he can start at the front of the feature field, most see him not being passed as he knows every legal trick in the book to make it hard for chasers to get past.

Stan Marco a returning racer the past few weeks, rookie driver Neil Sixtus, veteran Russell Hovey, the ever improving young gun Dylan Linehan & the popular Glenn Lawless are all capable of strong results & will be looking to put into the title history record books their personal best result on Sunday.

Nominations are:

Dean West 1
Stan Marco 2
Phil Jenkins 3
Neil Sixtus 7
Allen Luckett 16
Kali Hovey 22
Russell Hovey 26
Dylan Linehan 28
Shannon Meakins 84
Glenn Lawless 99

The Victorian Speedway Council wish the members of the SDAV Hot Rod Club the best of luck for Sunday's race meeting.

Written by
Dean Thompson
DMT Sports Media
For Victorian Speedway Council



The Victorian Speedway Council Ladies Standard Saloon title has been run & won at Alexandra Speedway by a local club member in a fantastic display of race craft when Sarah Meakins stormed to a win to become a four time state champion ahead of Trish Dike & Kelly McDermott also a four time state champion.

Sixteen Ladies signed in to race & each competed in three out of five heat race events before the twenty five lap final closed out the show.

Defending champion Anne Gooding was amongst the competitors along with a number of racers that could have easily have been in the mix for a win, such as Tracey Ingram who had won the title fifteen seasons earlier, Tegan Bullard who has been strong this season, Emily Porter, Dike, McDermott, Meakins, Kim Eames & Sonia Nelson.

Heat one got the meeting off to a great start as the Ladies ran eight laps non stop with Bullard taking a .199 of a second win over second row starting Meakins. The race was so close at the front that Porter finished within a second of the race winner giving the tightest finish to a race for the night. Ingram finished in fourth & was the only racer setting laps under 24 seconds in her Commodore with Sammi Mowat, Michelle Sinclair, Bridgette Morgan & Sharon Morrison finishing behind Bullard.

The top three placegetters in the second heat were all running under 24 second lap times as Meakins from the back of the field took a one second margin to the line to defeat Nelson, Bullard, Dike, Eames, McDermott, Gooding, Melissa Tatterson, Renee Parsons & Morgan with all girls on the lead lap in another non stop race.

A crash in the third heat eliminated Eames & sent her to hospital with potential breakage of bone that needed to be checked out whilst Sinclair’s car was damaged enough to put her out of this heat, she would be back later for her third heat.

From the third row Ingram made her way to the front of the field & went on to win by almost six seconds in front of McDermott, Porter, Dike, Mowat, Parsons, Morrison & Amanda Burrows. Ingram set down the fastest lap of the night to this point of a 23.495.

Meakins set a new fast one lap time in heat four when she clocked 23.489 seconds, however didn’t have things all her own way only beating home defending champion Gooding by 1.271 seconds. Bullard, Mowat, Nelson, Tatterson, Porter & Morgan completed their races whilst Morrison suffered some mechanical issues to end her race on lap five.

Dike then set about winning the final heat of the evening in heat five setting a new fastest eight lap time of 3 minutes 16.329 seconds as she led to the finish Ingram, McDermott, Gooding, Tatterson, Nelson, Burrows & Sinclair with a huge distance of 7.675 seconds between first & second in Dikes borrowed Ben Randall owned race car.

Heat results then gave us a line up of Meakins, Bullard, Ingram, Dike, McDermott, Porter, Gooding, Nelson, Mowat, Tatterson, Morgan, Sinclair, Parsons, Burrows & Morrison for the twenty five lap final.

The twenty five lap event got underway with a spin by Bullard whilst second in front of the rest of the field causing a crash involving others who couldn’t avoid her stricken Commodore, Sonia Nelson & Sammi Mowat were amongst those & couldn’t restart.

Meakins at the restart got away form Dike & quickly worked to put distance between herself and the others which included, Dike, Ingram, McDermott, Emily Porter, Melissa Tatterson & Gooding who were trying to stick with her.
Meakins car dropped a plug & was running on five & the field still couldn’t catch her as she rounded up backmarkers running the high line around the top end of the track to perfection.

When the chequered dropped Meakins in a popular home club victory had defeated Dike, McDermott, Ingram & Gooding with Sharon Morrison, Tatterson, Amanda Burrows, Michelle Sinclair, Bridgette Morgan & Renee Parsons with Meakins & the next three Ladies lapping fifth place.

After the final the winner Sarah Meakins was very proud of her result. “To win a fourth title & at my home track is not something I would have thought about before the night with so much quality here. I have to thank my family & crew for keeping the car so strong & me so calm. Rod & Aaron thank you for everything you do for my racing, Kellie Jenkins thanks for your support tonight & everybody else you know who you are. Well done to the other girls for the fast clean racing we showed tonight. Thank you so much to the track crew at Alexandra Speedway for the fast track we had tonight.”

The Victorian Speedway Council congratulates all & wishes Kim Eames a speedway recovering from her injuries.

Written by
Dean Thompson
DMT Sports Media
for Victorian Speedway Council Inc

Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 April 2015 23:08


The Victorian Sports Sedan title was run & won on Saturday the 14th of March at Alexandra Speedway with around thirty competitors vying for the right to sign write their race car with the number one for the next twelve months & at the end of a gruelling thirty lap race it would be last season’s Victoria # 3 driver Ben Moon who would come up trumps when he defeated Luke Fallon & Brendan Miller to become the new Victorian Speedway Council Sports Sedan state champion.

There was plenty of potential winners in the Sports Sedan title with the likes of Damien Miller, Matt Nelson, Brendan Miller, Rahmon Rivero, Ben Moon & Luke Fallon amongst the field & recent event winners Tim McPherson & Rhys Collins were also keen to step up also.

The nine heat races provided plenty of action right from race one when the eighth placed starter Damien Miller beat his brother Brendan who started from pole position by .195 of a second.

Nelson & Moon then made short work of the field in the second heat finishing one & two some nine seconds ahead of third place.

Drama for Alex Cheney who had travelled down from Wagga in the third heat when scrutineers informed the stewards that the car was asked to attend to a muffler issue at scrutineering that they deemed had not been dealt with, so Cheney got given a black flag. Daniel Unternahrer then won with Andrew Jordan & Rivero close behind.
Brendan Miller then picked up a win over the 100 Lap Derby King (Fallon) in the next heat where a number of drivers failed to finish, including Mark Pollard who rolled his Torana on its roof and was out for the remainder of the night.

The fastest one lap time of the whole night came in the second round of heats when Damien Miller set a 21.263 one lap time beating Moon & Collins. Nelson beat Rivero in the next heat with Karl Mathie sustaining plenty of damage to his car after being involved in a crash ending his race meeting.

The fastest eight lap heat of the night was also set by Damien Miller in the third round when he ran at 2 minutes 53.511 seconds in a win over Moon & Collins whose car came to a halt right before the finish line couldn’t make it across the line on his own power & therefore failed to finish, which also knocked him out of the top twenty & out of the title race.

Rivero from the Heartland Club, then picked up a win in the second last heat before Alan Kruger had a popular win in front of McPherson in the last heat of the night winning by .340 of a second.

In qualifying Damien Miller topped the results with the defending champion Matt Nelson second then Brendan Miller, Rahmon Rivero, Moon, Fallon, Sam Williams, Daniel Unternahrer, Alan Kruger & McPherson making up the top ten.

The second half of the field from position eleven included Martin Heiner, Matt Chiminello, Dale Smith, Jamie Paull, Andrew Jordan, Matt Ridd, Troy Frost, Aaron Marshall, Jimmy Powell & Peter Eastham.

The race didn’t go according to plan for a number of drivers with a spin to Damien Miller whilst leading on lap eight seeing his car being re-directed to the rear of the field to restart, not before Rivero through the dust unable to see spat up by drivers driving under the pole line slammed into Miller putting himself out of the race. Daniel Unternahrer hit concrete on lap eleven to be eliminated whilst Nelson thought he might have done a gearbox and pulled out of the race whilst leading soon after.

Fallon held the lead briefly, Moon assumed the lead from him & Damien Miller came forward from last on lap eight to be in the top five again.

Moon went on to record his second Victorian Sports Sedan title victory from Fallon with a .627 second margin, Brendan Miller, Damien Miller & Andrew Jordan who took over fifth place from Tim McPherson on a last gasp run on lap thirty. Other finishers after McPherson who was sixth include, Aaron Marshall, Sam Williams, Matt Chiminello, Dale Smith & James Powell all on the lead lap.

Understandably Moon was delighted. “It’s been a great night. I really enjoyed the race against all this good, tough competition. Thanks to everybody who has been involved in helping me in the lead up & tonight. I look forward to representing the Sports Sedans with the number one plate over the next twelve months. “

Written by
Dean Thompson
DMT Sports Media
For Victorian Speedway Council

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